Steinway & Sons Model B in Ebony 1890’s


The Steinway model B remains the standard for artists and musicians, as well as serious amateur pianists.  This historic Steinway B is owned by Bradfield Piano and can be rebuilt upon request.  The scope of work we have priced above includes restringing, refinishing the plate and soundboard, as well as complete cabinet refinishing.  The soundboard was replaced in the not too distant past, maybe 30 years, and has tons of life left in it!  Also, the action has updated parts as well.


Length – 6′ 10″


Evaluation Summary

This piano was originally built in the 1890’s but reconditioned in the 1960’s-1970’s.

  1. The soundboard is original and free of any cracks.  We measured positive readings for downbearing across the entire scale and observed crown in the soundboard.
  2. The pinblock is in good condition.  The tuning pins have plenty of torque to hold the tension of the strings.
  3. The action has 100% genuine Steinway parts.  Teflon action installed in the 60’s-70’s.
  4. The touch of the piano is a medium weight, not too light, not too heavy.
  5. The overall tone of this instrument is very nice.  Nice projection of sound and color.
  6. Exterior finishing of the cabinet will be refinished.

To help understand the technician’s notes visit our technical definitions page HERE


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