Steinway Piano Repair Services
in Dallas & Beyond

A Steinway piano is a world-class instrument and it deserves the best care. While a well-maintained Steinway can be expected to stay in the home for generations, periodic repairs and maintenance can help prevent wear and tear from turning into expensive damage. If your piano has extensive damage, a full restoration or rebuild may be needed.

Musicians and venues in Dallas and beyond count on Bradfield Piano for a wide range of Steinway repair services. We have extensive experience with the legendary brand, as well as a commitment to customer service that focuses on finding the right solutions for every client.

If you love your Steinway, treat it right with Bradfield Piano. We can provide everything from tuning and regular maintenance to major restoration work. Whether you own an upright or a grand, a player’s instrument or a priceless heirloom, we’ll treat your piano with care and respect.

Why Repair Your Old Steinway?

Piano repairs range in size and complexity. As such, there are many reasons why our clients come to us. Often, repairs will be purely cosmetic — such as taking care of damage to the cabinet that has occurred over time but has never been significant enough to affect an instrument’s playability. Other times, our clients will pursue a repair to fix nagging sound quality or performance issues.

We also frequently complete repairs to prepare a piano for sale. Whatever your reasons, we’ll get the job done quickly, with a detailed estimate outlining all the work that’s required and the associated costs.

Why Trust Us To Repair Your Old Steinway?

There are many piano repair companies, but few have the pedigree of Bradfield Piano. Our senior leadership team trained at the Theodore Steinway technical school in New York City.

Over the years, we’ve repaired Steinway pianos for customers across the country, building up a reputation for our honesty and expertise.

Our Repair Process

Every repair begins with an initial consultation, which we can complete in person, by email, or over telephone or Skype. Then, we’ll arrange to have your piano safely transported to our shop, where we will perform a detailed inspection and a final work order.

We can fix common issues like dead keys, squeaky pedals, poor action and more. It all begins with a quote — so get in touch with our team to start the process today.


As a dedicated partner to musicians, venues and other discerning Steinway owners, we are happy to provide repairs and maintenance to the company’s entire lineup of upright and grand pianos. Keep browsing our website to learn more or contact Bradfield Piano today to speak with one of our experts directly.