Professional Upright Piano Repair Services

Keeping an upright piano in good working condition requires periodic repairs. Whether it’s fixing a dead key or taking on a more substantial issue, Bradfield Piano can help. We provide a wide range of upright piano repair services for clients in Dallas and beyond.

Our team works on all makes and models — and whether it’s a centuries-old classic or a newer model in need of some additional care, we can help. We offer cost-effective, forward-thinking solutions for every client.

Extensive repairs or restorations typically don’t add a lot to the value of an upright piano, although they can be a great way to get a family heirloom back into shape or to make any instrument more enjoyable and accessible to players of all skill levels. We’ll provide a detailed estimate outlining all the work that needs to be done to get your upright looking and playing like new again.

Ultimately, a well-maintained, great-sounding upright is an excellent addition to any home. Repairing an older unit is a worthy alternative to buying a new replacement — and one that honors the history of a well-used instrument.

Upright Piano Repair Services

Our skilled, knowledgeable technicians provide a wide range of upright piano repair services, from regular tuning to polishing, cleaning and other repairs. We can also replace dead keys, fix an instrument’s action, and more.

We can often perform tuning and simple repairs and adjustments in your home. For more extensive work, transport to our facility may be necessary. Before beginning any job, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of everything that’s required and what it will cost.

Contact Us for a Quote on Your Upright Piano Repairs

The first step in any upright piano repair is a consultation with our team. We can meet with you in person or discuss the issue over the phone or by Skype. Get in touch to start the process today.