Steinway & Sons Model A Ebony Satin

$29,000.00 $24,500.00

Steinway & Sons is renown for their quality and craftsmanship worldwide.  The touch and tone of this 1895 Steinway & Sons model A grand piano 6’4″ will be sure to inspire beginning students and advanced players as well.  Rebuild completely by Bradfield Piano in 2018, this instrument has been meticulously gone through to ensure that playing the piano will remain your primary concern, not piano maintenance.


Evaluation Summary

Bradfield technicians inspected this instrument and have found it to be free of any major defect.

  1. Bradfield Piano rebuilt this instrument in 2018.  Updates include a new pinblock and stings.  Action parts have been updated.  Some of the cabinet refinished and some touched up.
  2. The soundboard is in good condition.  We measured positive readings for downbearing across the scale and observed some crown in the soundboard.  Board had some cracks that have been repaired.
  3. The pinblock is in good condition and the tuning pins have plenty of torque to hold the tension of the strings.
  4. The action is 100% genuine Steinway parts, and the hammers are like new.
  5. The touch of the piano is a heavy weight, slightly on the heavy side.
  6. The overall tone of this instrument was more toward the bright end of the spectrum, but still maintained clarity and projection without distortion.
  7. Exterior finishing of the cabinet is in excellent condition with most of the cabinet having been completely refinished.

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