Why Bradfield Piano


Bradfield Piano focuses on 4 main services. Restoration, Moving and Storage, and Piano Tuning. Over the past decade, the service provided by Bradfield’s knowledgeable and proven staff has earned the trust and endorsement of colleges and universities, private schools across Dallas, Grammy award-winning artists, Van Cliburn competitors, Steinway Artists, and families across the United States for their excellence in piano service.


Bradfield Piano has earned their reputation by an unwavering belief in a few core ideals. One of their beliefs is that if they genuinely try to help the customer they will be successful. When you call they are not trying to sell you something. The staff at Bradfield Piano are genuinely trying to help you find the best service and scope of work that fits your needs and your budget. Their aim is to speak with you just like they would with a brother or friend, trying to help sort out what needs to be done and what is right for you. They feel that they’ve never needed to just sell for the sake of selling, and many people really appreciate their genuine attitude to help with each clients specific needs.


Holt's Cooking

“ i’d like to talk about quality for a moment. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from creating delicious food in my home kitchen. I know that if I want to experience the best I have to start with high quality meat and produce suppliers like Whole Foods, central market, or local boutique grocers. In addition, it’s very important to learn the authentic best practices and techniques that have been passed down for generations. I don’t believe in shortcuts or reinventing the wheel when it comes to fine food. Pianos are the same. We need to source the finest materials and suppliers so that we can to build the best piano possible, and we need to know the exact processes and techniques to get the right results. That is exciting to me…. To get the best out of a piano using the finest materials possible paired with authentic rebuilding practices that I learned early in my career at Steinway. Then when we are finished rebuilding a piano we can’t wait to hear what it sounds and feels like, The culmination of fine material selection, quality craftsmanship, and authentic techniques. The vintage piano reborn again.”


We do business in environment of mutual respect and courtesy. We have experience with the top piano manufacturing companies in the world and we’re genuinely trying to help you with your piano. Today we are a bit selective with the jobs we take on, but you’re always welcome to call and we will do our best to steer you in the right direction even if we can’t help you. Like so many people in the world, we are really busy. We operate in an environment that’s calm and controlled and we don’t try to sell you on every little thing.

Our office is only open between the hours of 1 and 4 to Mon-Fri to schedule service. We make it super easy to connect with us by using an iPhone that we keep in our 10,00 sqft facility near 635 and Miller Rd in Dallas. That way you can text us images or simply just drop us a quick text whenever you remember that “oh yeah I need to have the piano moved or serviced, or whatever it may be.” Then when Holt is in the office in front of the computer between the hours of 1 and 4 he will reach out to you by calling you on the phone.

Our movers operate under the same principles. We typically do four or five moves a day and it’s important to us to take our time and never have any damage.