Upright Piano Restoration Services in Dallas

Add new life to an upright piano with Bradfield Piano’s restoration services. We specialize in finding cost-effective ways to repair, restore and refresh aging instruments by any manufacturer. With a technician’s eye for detail and a musician’s love of craft, we are your best partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond.

We would be happy to provide a quote for any upright piano restoration or refinishing. We recognize that every instrument, every musician, and every home is unique — there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to a repair. We’ll work with you to put together a package of services that delivers the best value for your money.

Why Restore an Upright Piano?

Today, there are more high-quality new and used pianos available for sale than ever before — including many great options in the Bradfield Piano store. However, there are several reasons why you might want to consider restoring an older instrument instead.

Many of the uprights we restore for our customers have sentimental value or are a part of a family’s history. Others are unique models no longer in production today. Some still play and sound great, but need a cosmetic upgrade.

Whatever your reasons for restoring your piano, our team will get the job done, treating any instrument with the same care and respect we would a priceless concert grand.

The Restoration Process

Some of the things that may be involved in restoring an upright include:

  • Refinishing the cabinet to your piano’s original color
  • Replacing the hammers, felts, strings and other mechanical parts that can deteriorate over time
  • Restoring or replacing missing and broken keys
  • Gluing and setting any cracks in the soundboard
  • Installing a new pinblock
  • Tuning the piano to concert pitch and correcting any intonation issues

In a historical restoration, the goal is to preserve as many of the original parts as possible. If fidelity to the piano’s original state isn’t required, replacing worn items with new components can be a cost-effective alternative.

Contact Us to Request a Quote on an Upright Piano Restoration

To learn more about the restoration process, or to request a quote for your instrument, please contact Bradfield Piano today.