Piano Cleaning & Polishing Services in Dallas & Beyond

If you are purchasing a piano or just haven’t played your piano and a little while, you may notice dust under the strings, or that the exterior cabinet has scratches.  Bradfield Piano offers premium services for complete detailing and polishing of your piano, as well as simple piano cleaning during your tuning visit.

Cleaning a piano can take some time and be quite tedious without the right tools and equipment.  Its best to leave this job to a professional.  Highly trained piano technicians at Bradfield have the experience to know-how to use the correct chemicals and materials and ensure your piano stays safe and undamaged.

Cabinet polishing can be a simple half of a day project or a multi day comprehensive service if there are deep scratches and gouges to repair.  Sometimes complete piano refinishing is needed if the finish has become so degraded that it is not possible to polish it.  Give us a call and we will explain the options available for your piano.


**All photography on this site is of actual pianos Bradfield has refinished or repaired**

Basic Cleaning

$95per hour in-home
  • Our Most Basic Service For In-Home Cleaning During Your Tuning Visit

Comprehensive Cleaning & Light Polishing

$300-$500Cleaning & Polishing
  • Excellent Service If You Have Not Cleaned The Piano In A Couple Of Years. Includes Light Touch-Up, Polishing, And Deep Cleaning

Comprehensive Cleaning & Full Polishing

$500-$950Cleaning & Polishing
  • Our Most Comprehensive Cleaning & Polishing Service Has To Be Done In Our Shop. Includes Deep Cleaning & Lubrication Of Action, Complete Cleaning Of Exterior Of Piano (inside & out), Fully Polishing Exterior Cabinet To High Polish Or Satin Sheen, Touch Up Repairs, The Works.

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