Old world craftsmanship and state of the art technology join in perfect harmony in a Bradfield piano restoration.  A piano rebuilt by Bradfield is a unique instrument that exceeds the standards of the modern piano industry by using the finest materials and authentic practices.  Bradfield Piano takes great satisfaction in the conservation of family heirloom pianos.  To give new life to pianos from generations past, is to preserve and cherish the memories that these wonderful pianos represent.  Being a part of a family’s musical heritage brings tremendous joy to the staff at Bradfield.

We care greatly about your instrument and are passionate about returning your piano to its absolute best, focusing on communication and quality to ensure you are pleased with the results.  At Bradfield Piano, we focus we pride ourselves on being one of the premier piano restoration companies in the country. Check out the slideshow below to see after pictures of pianos we’ve restored! As you can see, we have experience restoring a number of brands and models!

When it comes to instruments crafted by leading manufacturers, we believe piano restoration is worth the time and money. After all, the performance of a properly restored piano should be equal to or better than that of a new piano, if completed by a qualified technician.  Our team specializes in high-quality restorations for Steinway Pianos, as well as numerous other brands.

We’ve worked with those wanting to bring a treasured family heirloom to its former glory, with celebrated musicians who trust us to care for their priceless instruments, and with some of the finest music halls that require the highest of standards.  Our team specializes in numerous types of piano restorations, including grand pianos and upright pianos.


Bradfield’s rebuilt pianos feature the best parts available in the industry including Steinway & Sons NY action parts and Renner action parts. Over the years, many brands of pianos have changed the dimensions of their action parts. When rebuilding pianos it is important to understand the effects the new dimensions have on the touchweight of the piano. Bradfield’s highly-skilled, factory-trained, technicians have the knowledge and expertise to select the correct part for the correct model and year of your piano.

We utilize high quality parts to give the piano the touch and tone it should have.  Using the inferior parts could compromise the sound quality and ultimately limit the piano’s potential.

Bradfield Piano will only use the industry’s leading wood products made by Pianos Bolduc – a premium piano wood supplier. Bolduc has been providing Bradfield with high-quality pinblocks and soundboards for decades. Using the best quality materials available is the difference between an average rebuild and a world-class restoration.

The exterior finish of a piano is a work of art. The finish can actually influence the value of a restored piano. Bradfield restorations feature a hand rubbed lacquer polish and finish that is second to none. Our extensive experience and state of the art spray booths and equipment make the Bradfield cabinet visually stunning. You can expect the Bradfield rebuilt finishes to equal or exceed the piano manufacturer’s standard of excellence.

The Bradfield Piano master-craftsmen have decades of experience working with the most discerning artists and musicians. The majority of Bradfield’s technical staff has worked directly for Steinway and their skill in tuning and voicing is at the top in the piano industry. Having the skill to squeeze out that last 5% of tone in a piano is uncommon with other rebuilders and why Bradfield restorations stand out.

Bradfield Piano offers a 20-year warranty on action parts and 5-year warranty on soundboards. At Bradfield Piano, we stand behind the quality of our work.


The Inside of a Piano Before & After A Restoration

Our Piano Restoration Process

We care greatly about your instrument and understand its importance to you. We are passionate about returning your piano to its absolute best, focusing on communication and quality to ensure you are pleased with the results.

First, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your piano’s history and current condition – in person or, if more convenient, by phone, email, online chat, Facetime, or Skype (particularly for customers outside the Dallas and Fort Worth area).

After we have a full understanding of your budget and the options available to restore and/or repair your piano, we’ll create a customized proposal outlining the costs and what they cover. For local customers, this includes an in-depth analysis of the piano’s structure and condition with an itemized estimate for each part in the piano.


Once you are comfortable with the budget and scope of work we’ve outlined, we will work with you to coordinate the pickup of your piano. Our professional, fully insured, piano movers have years of experience and the proper tools to safely transport your piano to our facility. If your piano is coming from outside the D/FW area, we carefully inspect it to ensure both the initial scope of work and price quoted are accurate so there are no surprises.

Restoration (Source. Build. Adjust.)

Depending on what is to be done, the time of restoration can range from weeks to months. Throughout, we’ll update you on the restoration’s progress by emailing or texting you pictures of your piano. We source all materials and parts from the world’s best manufacturers, using only the highest quality, authentic parts from your piano’s vintage — including soundboards made from either the finest, tight-grain Alaskan Sitka Spruce or Eastern White spruce.


We put just as much care and attention to detail into the delivery of your restored piano, carefully wrapping and packing it before our professional, fully insured piano movers transport it back to you.


The final step is a complementary tuning once your piano is settled back at home. Your complete satisfaction is important to us, which is why we back up our work with a 5 to 20 year warranty.


Click through the slideshow below to see pictures before, during, and after restoration.  Your piano can expect the same level of respect and attention to detail!


While piano restoration can include any part of the piano, the critical focus centers around the soundboard and the pinblock.

The soundboard is the piano’s heart. Its function is to resonate and amplify the sound created when hammers hit strings. And the quality of that sound correlates with the quality of the soundboard. When a soundboard has been compromised, it can leave the tone of a piano flat or tinny. In extreme cases, you may even hear a buzzing sound. Our expert craftsmen take specific measurements in order to analyze the condition of your soundboard.

The pinblock holds the piano’s tuning pins, so that the piano stays in tune. When your piano cannot hold its tune, even after seasonal adjustment, this means the pinblock likely needs to be replaced.

When both the soundboard and the pinblock are in need of replacement, complete restoration is required.

During your consultation, we’ll explain exactly which parts will need work, and the process we recommend, be it restoration, complete rebuild, or basic repair. We’re here to ensure you feel you’re getting the highest value from the restoration process – carefully balancing end results with costs so that your expectations are met, and you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Please text us @ 214-883-1885 for a piano restoration quote