What’s Wrong With My Piano? 8 Common Problems

Since their invention in the mid-1700s, pianos have held a prominent place in many homes. Both decorative and functional, pianos are one of the most natural ways people keep music in their lives. However, like any instrument, pianos — especially older pianos — require maintenance for age-related problems. From sticky keys

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The Cost of a Steinway Piano

Jump To: Types | Cost By Model | Grand Piano Pricing | Upright Piano Pricing | Specialty Steinway Pricing | New Vs. Used | Shop Steinways Established in 1853, Steinway & Sons commands a reputation for producing pianos unlike any other. Steinway pianos feature unparalleled beauty, craftsmanship and endurance, as

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Tuning A Piano After Moving

Do you Have to Tune a Piano After You Move it? Yes. You will want to have your piano tuned no sooner than a fews days after it has arrived at the new location. The reason for this is being that the piano is very sensitive to humidity and temperature

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Piano Movers Vs. House Movers

CAN A HOUSE MOVER SUBSTITUTE FOR A PIANO MOVER? Unfortunately not. Qualified and trained piano movers are highly skilled at doing one specific job- piano moving.  A piano can weigh anywhere from 400· 1500 lbs, with the average grand piano weighing in at about 650 lbs. One of the most

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