Repairing A Piano’s Hammers

A broken, misaligned or damaged piano hammer can have a significant effect on your ability to play. When hammers become worn they begin to flatten out and develop deep string grooves, this creates a harsh and unpleasant tone. If a note is failing to sound altogether it may be that the hammer shank has broken and needs to replaced. Repairing the hammers and hammer shanks can do wonders for the sound of your piano . For the highest-quality repair or replacement, work with an expert piano technician to rebuild and preserve your fine piano.

Why Repair Piano Hammers and Hammer Shanks?

Poor voicing and dead keys are easy-to-recognize problems that may link back to a damaged hammer. The density and resiliency of a hammer’s head impact how your piano sounds. A hammer head that is too dense creates a harsh tone, so it will need to be softened. If the head is not dense enough, you’ll experience a muffled tone and will need to replace or reshape the hammers to achieve a more articulate tone.

When keys fail to sound a note, a broken or misaligned hammer mechanism could be the culprit. Your piano technician will replace or realign the hammer to reestablish the proper sounds. To protect your investment, we recommend regular maintenance of your piano hammers and hammer shanks.

Hire a Professional to Repair Your Piano Hammers

Repairing a piano hammer or hammer shank on your own could cost more time and money in the long run. DIY projects may provide a quick fix, but the patched joint could break again and create a more significant issue. There are some old tricks like using a plastic straw, some other type of repair sleeve or just wrapping a bunch a twin around the hammer shank and pouring some glue on it. These solutions may work in a pinch but they don’t last very long and can create other problems in the action.

To repair or replace piano hammers or hammer shanks correctly, hire a qualified professional. A trained piano technician can assess the head and shank and make any necessary repairs. More significant damage, such as a broken hammer, may call for a complete replacement. Work with a technician that uses only high-quality, genuine replacement parts to maintain your instrument’s authenticity.


At Bradfield Piano, we have decades of experience working with some of the most respected names in the piano business. Our factory-trained team is qualified to work on pianos from all manufacturers. In addition to repair and maintenance, Bradfield Piano offers Steinway restorations and piano refinishing for all of your piano service needs.

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