Repairing A Piano’s Veneer

Your family piano is both a musical joy and an aesthetic beauty. If your grand or upright piano is more than 25 years old, your instrument likely contains delicate veneer work.

Piano manufacturers used to cover the outer case and cabinet with layered veneer, often made from mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry or rosewood. This veneer was an essential part of the finishing process and gave pianos the look and feel of a beautiful piece of furniture.

Causes of Damaged Piano Veneer

It’s common for veneer to chip or peel off in several areas, especially on an antique or well-used instrument. Many vintage pianos get exposed to humidity, heat or even water over time. These changes in moisture and temperature cause the veneer’s glue to release, resulting in blisters, chips or peeling. You may also notice small dents in the veneer’s surface.

Fixing dents and blemishes in your piano’s veneer will help your family heirloom look its best in your home.

Piano Veneer: DIY vs. Professional Repair

Time and exposure to the elements can alter the appearance of your veneered piano. When you need to repair veneer, consider whether a DIY project or a professional refinishing service is the best choice for your needs.

Repairing a piano’s veneer can seem like a straightforward DIY task. Handy piano owners can use glue, putty, utility knives and sanders to mend chipping and peeling veneer. But an imperfect DIY job could leave an even larger blemish in your piano’s surface.

To best preserve your family piano, hire a trained piano technician. An experienced professional can repair damaged veneer or, alternatively, refinish your entire piano with the utmost care and precision.


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