Repairing A Piano’s Hammers

A broken, misaligned or damaged piano hammer can have a significant effect on your ability to play. When hammers become worn they begin to flatten out and develop deep string grooves, this creates a harsh and unpleasant tone. If a note is failing to sound altogether it may be that

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Repairing A Piano’s Veneer

Your family piano is both a musical joy and an aesthetic beauty. If your grand or upright piano is more than 25 years old, your instrument likely contains delicate veneer work. Piano manufacturers used to cover the outer case and cabinet with layered veneer, often made from mahogany, walnut, maple,

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Repairing A Piano’s Soundboard

The soundboard is one of the most essential parts of your piano. When you play, the soundboard amplifies and radiates a large volume of sound into the air. Most soundboards are 5/8″ thick. But in the early 1900s, Steinway and Sons introduced their “diaphragmatic” soundboards. The Steinway soundboards gradually taper to 1/4″

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Repairing Piano Keys

Stuck or damaged keys are common issues that piano owners encounter — and they can be some of the trickiest to fix. Repairing piano keys is sometimes a matter of giving the sticky key a slight wiggle to help everything fall back into place. But you could risk further damaging

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