How to Prevent Damage to Your Piano

Whether you own a Steinway grand piano or a Yamaha upright, it’s important to take good care of your piano to prevent damage over both the short term and long term. Proper piano storage and use can prevent spills, bumps and scratches, while ongoing piano maintenance can keep your piano in

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Repairing A Piano’s Action

A piano’s action assembly is integral to the instrument’s expressive capability. To a pianist the relationship between touch (how the piano feels) and tone (how the piano sounds) are highly interrelated. Proper regulation of the piano action improves not only the tone of the piano but the ability of the

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Repairing or Replacing Piano Pedals

When the damper or sustain pedal is not working properly, it can be extremely distracting and annoying to the pianist. Sometimes the pedal may not lift the dampers enough or various parts of the pedal system can become stuck and cause the notes to sustain longer than intended. Damper pedals

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Grand Piano vs. Baby Grand Piano

Grand pianos have always been a symbol of sophistication and class. Crafted with care and precision, a grand piano is both a beautiful and commanding instrument, as well as an elegant addition to any home, performance studio or concert hall. Producing a high-quality grand piano with an exceptional sound takes

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