Tuning A Piano After Moving

Do you Have to Tune a Piano After You Move it?

Yes. You will want to have your piano tuned no sooner than a fews days after it has arrived at the new location. The reason for this is being that the piano is very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. When you move from one place to another the specific temperature and humidity levels will be slightly different in the new location. For example, If the piano has been sitting in a home with a temperature of 74 degrees and humidity or 55% and then it gets packed up and moved across town, and now it is in a room that has a temperature of 75 degrees and 25% humidity, that will be a huge change for the piano! Just the same way that your wooden floors expand and contract with the season changes (due to changes in humidity), your pianos soundboard will do the same thing. Since the soundboard has the tension of the strings pushing down on it, when the humidity changes your piano’s soundboard will expand and contract and consequently the strings will move causing the piano to go out of tune. This is why the standard recommendation across our industry is to tune a piano after you move it.

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