The Cost of a Steinway Piano

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Established in 1853, Steinway & Sons commands a reputation for producing pianos unlike any other. Steinway pianos feature unparalleled beauty, craftsmanship and endurance, as well as a rich and powerful performance that defines the Steinway sound. Over the last century and a half, Steinway has received several patents for piano components that revolutionized the piano and positioned Steinway as the industry leader. Each new Steinway piano offers improvements upon earlier models, while used Steinways can retain their exceptional quality for decades.

Despite market changes and fluctuations, Steinway pianos have reliably appreciated ever since their invention. As each new model is released, the factory price of a Steinway piano and the value of existing models increase. Each year, Steinway piano prices rise about four percent. The price of a 50-year-old Steinway piano is more than nine times its original cost. With the cost of Steinway pianos continually rising, a Steinway piano is a worthwhile investment for any pianist or piano enthusiast.

Steinway Piano Costs by Model

Steinway pianos are highly valuable because of their excellent construction materials and the advanced construction techniques used. The Steinway Diaphragmatic soundboard is a signature component of Steinway grand and upright pianos that produce their distinctive Steinway sound. The patented Steinway Hexagrip pinblock features seven laminations laid with successive 45- and 90-degree grain orientations to provide superior tuning.

Grand and upright Steinway pianos feature many solid wood components and overall exceptional craftsmanship. When comparing styles of Steinway pianos, upright pianos are the most affordable, followed by grand pianos. Specialty pianos and other limited edition Steinway pianos are typically the most expensive due to their rarity.

Steinway Grand Piano Pricing

The cost of a Steinway grand piano depends on the model and the finish. New Steinway grand pianos produced in the Queens, New York, factory are available in six different models with four standard finishes available. With each increasing in price, the available finishes are satin ebony, polyester-polished ebony, polyester-polished ebony with sterling hardware and lacquer-polished ebony.

Model types include:

  • Model S: The smallest of Steinway grand pianos produced in the Queens factory, the Model S measures 5′ 1″ and ranges from $65,600 to $71,600. The Model S piano is recommended when space considerations are a primary focus.
  • Model M: This medium-sized model is historically one of Steinway’s most popular models for home use. The Model M measures 5′ 7″ and ranges from $63,100 to $69,400.
  • Model O: Measuring 5′ 10 3⁄4″, the Model O ranges from $71,100 to $78,100.
  • Model A: Slightly larger than the Model O, the Model A measures 6′ 2″ and ranges from $81,800 to $89,900. The Model O and Model A are recommended for larger home spaces, as well as for schools and piano instructors.
  • Model B: Measuring 6′ 10 1⁄2″, the Model B Steinway grand piano is a popular choice for serious pianists and piano technicians. The Model B is recommended for smaller recital halls and recording studios. The Model B ranges from $92,400 to $101,700.
  • Model D: Measuring 8′ 11 3⁄4″, the Model D Steinway grand piano is designed for the concert stage and is overwhelmingly chosen by concert pianists. The flagship Model D ranges from $148,700 to $163,600.

The Steinway & Sons factory in Hamburg, Germany produces seven models of Steinway grand pianos that are comparable in size to those produced in Queens. The additional C-227 model falls between the Model B and Model D in size, measuring 7′ 5 1/2″. Steinway grand pianos produced in Hamburg have a polished ebony finish.

Below are the prices and sizes of Steinway grand pianos constructed in Hamburg:

  • S-155: The S-155 measures 5′ 1″ and is priced at $80,200.
  • M-170: The M-170 measures 5′ 7″ and is priced at $88,000.
  • O-180: The O-180 measures 5′ 10 1/2″ and is priced at $93,100.
  • A-188: The A-188 measures 6′ 2″ and is priced at $99,400.
  • B-211: The B-211 measures 6′ 11″ and is priced at $115,800.
  • C-227: The C-227 measures 7′ 5 1/2″ and is priced at $136,000.
  • D-274: The D-271 measures 8′ 11 3/4″ and is priced at $175,700.

Steinway Upright Piano Pricing

Steinway upright pianos are constructed in Queens are available in three different models that, like their grand pianos,vary in price and value:

  • Model 4510: The Model 4510 and 1098 are identical technically, but the 4510 is slightly smaller, measuring 45″, and features a period style cabinet for decorative appeal in home use. The 4510 Steinway upright piano has a Sheraton satin ebony finish and costs $34,200.
  • Model 1098: The 1098 is slightly larger at 46 1/2″ and is better-suited for school use or where appearance is not the primary concern. The 1098 is available in satin ebony for $32,300 or polyester polished ebony for $34,800.
  • Model K-52: The K-52 is the largest upright model at 52″ and is listed at $37,600 for satin ebony or $39,600 for polyester polished ebony. The K-52 offers a resonant voice and is popular among professional players.

Specialty Steinways Pricing

Steinway produces several specialty pianos that offer unique aesthetic appeal for concert performance or elegant home design. The Pops Collection boasts vibrant color accents, while the Onyx Duet features a polished ebony exterior finish with bold Macassar ebony accents under the lid and inner rim.

The Crown Jewels Collection offers 10 unique finishing options, including rich Mahogany and speckled Amber wood veneers. In the Crown Jewels Collection, Macassar ebony veneer is the most expensive finishing option available. This exotic wood is grown in limited habitats in Southeast Asia and features a dramatic striped grain. A Model D Steinway grand piano with a Macassar ebony finish is priced at $224,100.

Steinway also produces pianos featuring period designs, such as the Louis XV and the Chippendale. Pianos from the Steinway Special Collections are more valuable than those with a standard design and finish. Steinway also offers Limited Edition models that are released at irregular intervals. These rare Steinway pianos are typically the most expensive and offer excellent appreciation value.

New vs. Used Steinways

In reality, new Steinway pianos feature the same excellent design and quality that has kept Steinway pianos at the forefront of the industry. The exceptional performance of new Steinway pianos is evidenced by the use of Steinways less than 10 years old in professional concert halls around the world.

Because Steinway pianos are designed to be rebuilt, used Steinway pianos can also offer excellent quality. Steinway pianos can retain their original quality for decades if you properly repair and maintain them. However, when considering a used Steinway piano, buyers should pay close attention to the condition of the instrument and where it was rebuilt or repaired. Not all piano rebuilders use genuine parts from Steinway when restoring a piano, which compromises the value and performance of the piano. Poor execution of repairs can also cause damage and lower the performance quality of a piano.

If a Steinway piano is rebuilt, it is paramount authentic Steinway parts be used. Steinways that are rebuilt with non-Steinway parts will not provide an authentic Steinway sound and have lower investment value. However, some piano rebuilders may use non-Steinway parts in repairs to cut expenses. These companies may not identify Steinways they repaired using non-Steinway parts. When shopping for a used Steinway piano, ask for written verification that the piano was restored with genuine parts.


When determining the right Steinway piano for your budget, consider the size, style and features you desire. Are you seeking a classic Steinway grand piano or a smaller Steinway upright piano for an apartment or classroom? When choosing the best model of Steinway grand piano, consider the space you have available and how you will use your piano. While smaller models are appropriate for home use, a larger model is the preferred choice for studios and concert halls. When choosing a Steinway piano for home or concert use, you may also consider aesthetic features, such as the finish or veneer.

Remember, buying a Steinway piano is an investment, not just a purchase. Steinway pianos appreciate over time, with each new model causing the value of existing models to rise, as well. The legendary history of Steinway piano appreciation means the best time to invest in a Steinway piano is always the present.


Used Steinway pianos are available from a wide variety of sources, including online listings and physical music stores. Individual sellers may list their used piano on sites like Craigslist or Facebook or sell them through a piano repair company. Steinway pianos may also be found in consignment stores or discovered in antique shops.

Those shopping for a used Steinway piano often turn to piano and music stores, because shops seem like a trustworthy source for genuine Steinway pianos. However, many shops price their used Steinways thousands of dollars higher than the actual appraised value. Buying from individual sellers can also lead to paying too much for a poorly maintained Steinway piano or falsely advertised Stein-Was.

When searching for a used Steinway, choose a reputable piano dealer you can trust. Below are a few factors to consider when selecting a Steinway piano dealer:

  • Repair Information Available: Any used Steinway dealer should be able to provide an accurate record of all repairs that have been done to the instrument. This record should include whether the repairs were done at the Steinway Restoration Center or through another piano restoration company.

  • Genuine Steinway Parts: Steinway pianos are only Steinways if every part is a genuine Steinway part. Ask for proof that all repairs were completed with 100 percent Steinway parts.
  • Warranty: Reputable piano dealers will offer warranties for used Steinway pianos, so you can trust the quality of repairs that have been done. Before you purchase, ask how long the warranty lasts and what is covered.
  • Clear Pricing: A trustworthy seller of Steinway pianos will have clear pricing with just one price listed for each used instrument. Fair pricing of a used Steinway piano will take into consideration the age, model, repairs and overall condition of the instrument.

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