Repairing A Piano’s Action

A piano’s action assembly is integral to the instrument’s expressive capability. To a pianist the relationship between touch (how the piano feels) and tone (how the piano sounds) are highly interrelated. Proper regulation of the piano action improves not only the tone of the piano but the ability of the player to achieve a desirable sound. The goal of a properly functioning piano action is to transfer movement from the fingers of the pianist to the piano’s strings as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re a novice or professional pianist, it’s important to align and regulate the action assembly with the help of an expert technician. Hiring a professional will ensure your action alignment or replacement is done right so you can play with ease and confidence.

Why Repair or Replace a Piano Action?

In a piano’s action assembly, the hammers make contact with the strings to produce a tone. The action includes many small moving parts, including the hammer, hammer shank, flange and whippen. These parts can wear down with age and use, resulting in poor performance and tone.

Piano technicians repair and align the action by adjusting the hammers so they strike the strings properly. But sometimes very old or worn-down parts or the entire assembly need to be replaced. Here is a look into how a piano technician restore a piano’s action assembly:

  1. Clean, polish or repaint the original action frame.
  2. Install new action parts and hammers.
  3. Rebush the original keys.
  4. Replace leather back-checks.
  5. Align and travel hammers.
  6. Prepare the entire assembly for regulation.

Hiring a Professional to Repair Your Piano’s Action Assembly

To avoid further damage, we recommend having a skilled technician examine, repair or replace your piano’s action assembly. A trained professional can offer expert-level advice and help keep your instrument performing at its best.

Many brands have changed the dimensions of their action parts over the years, so it’s essential to understand the new dimensions when rebuilding a piano. The wrong parts and dimensions could compromise the sound quality and the feel of the instrument.

At Bradfield Piano, we use only genuine parts, like Renner action parts, to bring your piano back to its highest potential. Our factory-trained technicians bring decades of experience to the process of selecting the correct action parts for your instrument. Working with an expert technician will help preserve your family piano for many years and generations.


When it comes to restoring your treasured piano, call someone you know you can trust. At Bradfield Piano, our technicians look for any opportunity to go the extra mile. We specialize in the authentic preservation of fine pianos and always keep the customer’s needs in mind.

From regular maintenance and piano refinishing to Steinway restorations, Bradfield Piano offers a variety of services to repair and restore your instrument. Our attention to detail and quality have earned Bradfield Piano a reputation for excellence in the industry. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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