Boston GP 178 in Polished Ebony

$17,000.00 $14,000.00

Designed by Steinway & Sons the Boston series has succeeded in satisfying serious and discerning pianists at a great price. These pianos have become very popular in university music departments and with piano teachers for both practice and performance. This piano measures 5′ 10″ and has a full and expressive tone with lots of richness in the bass. The action has a medium touch and feels responsive and easy to play. Manufactured around 1996.



Bradfield technicians inspected this instrument and have found it to be free of any major defect.

  1. The soundboard is free of any cracks.  We measured positive readings for downbearing across the entire scale and observed crown in the soundboard.
  2. The tuning pins have plenty of torque to hold the tension of the strings. Our torque measurements indicate good pinblock health.
  3. The action parts are original and in good condition.
  4. The touch of the piano is a medium weight, not too light, not too heavy.  It performs responsively.  The touch of this piano makes controlling your dynamics easy and effortless.
  5. The overall tone of this instrument is articulate with a medium brightness.
  6. The finish overall is in good condition with some small dings and a small chip on the corner.

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